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Dental Care For Dogs

All dog-owners tries to provide best quality food and various supplies to their dog but do you provide him oral hygiene? It is mostly seen that dog-owners overlook the significance of oral hygiene as there is a misconception in people’s mind that dogs don’t require any dental care and they are not prone to any dental problems as humans are but it is not true, they also require dental care otherwise they may face various dental problem like plaque buildup and gingivitis etc. And these problems may lead to severe health problems like liver, heart or kidney diseases. So as you take care of their food and other things, that way you need to consider the significance of oral hygiene. Just like daily grooming, clean his teeth on regular basis to avoid the problem of a toothache or sore gums which has become so common in dogs.

Initially, they may not like when you clean their teeth but they will get used to it and you need to be patient while doing it. To avoid this, you may introduce a dental regime when he is a small pup. Some veterinarian suggests that the dog owner needs to clean his dog’s teeth regularly but if you are unable to do so then consider doing it on alternate days.

If your dog enjoys chewing his toys then it is good news for the dog owner as chewing also helps in cleaning the teeth as it stimulates saliva and helps to diminish the plaque to build up on the teeth. Also, there are various toys available in the market for making your dog’s gum stronger which will also help in avoiding gum bleeding problem but make sure that the chew toys are not too hard for him as it may result in broken teeth.

The most important thing for a dog owner to know is that for brushing you need to consider pets toothpaste and must avoid toothpaste that is meant for humans as it contains fluoride which is very toxic to dogs.

While brushing his teeth if it results in bleeding then you need to avoid giving him soft and sticky food and must consider giving him solid dry food which will not stick to his teeth. When you don’t have time to brush his teeth then you can consider using various dental pads available on the market. You just have to wipe up his teeth with the dental pads and it will ensure to avoid any bacteria to build up on teeth.

You need to have patience while brushing his teeth. Here is a few technique which you need to follow if you try to brush your canine’s teeth for the very first time:

  1. Don’t expect that he will understand the importance of dental care and sit before you with mouth wide open so you need let him lick the paste first and gently move this lips to aside then brush the front teeth. He may not let you do it as smoothly as it sounds so let your dog take some time to get familiar with this routine so brush his front teeth for first few days
  2. Now that he is familiar with this routine, now you can try to open his jaw to clean up back teeth.
  3. If you become successful in doing this procedure then don’t forget to reward your dog as this will help him to remember that if he allows to you clean his teeth then he will be rewarded for this.

And if your dog is suffering from any severe dental problem then it’s time to visit a doctor. And also you must consider giving him high quality food which is formulated to keep your companion’s teeth healthy. Good dental care will ensure to keep your dog’s health intact.


January 19, 2018|Dog Care

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