Just like humans, dogs also require a balance of various nutrients for leading a healthy and long life. A complete balance diet will ensure the proper balance of nutrients in the body. The various nutrients he needs for proper functioning of body are:

  • Water: a dog’s body is 84% water so it is most important component for proper functioning of body so you need to ensure to keep your dog hydrated.
  • Protein: it is the most important nutrient as it promotes dog’s growth. It also helps in the muscles development, It also helps in repairing damaged cells.
  • Fats: fats provide the source of energy to the dog, it helps in the proper functioning of brain and also keeps the skin healthy. But excess of fat is injurious to health so you need to give it in adequate proportion.
  • Minerals and vitamins: minerals are necessary for proper conducting of nerves and vitamins are important for processing bio-chemicals and also helps in preventing diseases
  • Carbohydrates: these are considered much lower form of nutrition. It provides fibres to the body and helps the dog in the digestion.
fish oil for dogs

What Is Fish Oil For Dogs? What Are Its Benefits?

  • Mon Jul 11 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Fish oil for dogs!! Yes, you heard it right. Like humans, dogs too get benefited if they’re given fish oil. First, let’s understand what exactly fish oil is!! Well, it is the most common misconception that fish oil is the same as omega-3 fatty acids. But, fish oil is just a source of omega-3 fatty… Continue reading What Is Fish Oil For Dogs? What Are Its Benefits?

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Pros & Cons of Homemade Dog Food

  • Thu May 27 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

When it comes to dog nutrition, every dog owner looks for food that can give their pooch well-balanced & wholesome nutrition. Most dog owners get confused about whether to stick with commercial food or cook homemade food for their pooch. Well, this is where the struggle begins as we all know dog nutrition is completely… Continue reading Pros & Cons of Homemade Dog Food

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5 Easy & Delicious Dog Food Recipes that Your Dog will Love

  • Thu May 27 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Keeping a dog healthy & fit is the responsibility of every dog owner. And we all know how big foodie our furry companions are. They start drooling at the sight of the food, but it becomes your responsibility to ensure that he is getting all the nutrition. Store-bought food may look enticing but nothing can… Continue reading 5 Easy & Delicious Dog Food Recipes that Your Dog will Love

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Benefits of feeding proper nutrition to dogs

  • Tue Aug 14 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Feeding good nutritious food is the best way to keep your furry companion’s health on track. Every dog has its own nutrition needs, and it is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that his furry companion is getting all the needed nutrients. Proper nutrients help in providing a long and healthy life to your furry… Continue reading Benefits of feeding proper nutrition to dogs

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Benefits of high-fiber dog food

  • Thu Jul 5 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

We all are aware of the fact that how beneficial is high-fibrous food for human’s health but do you know that same applies to your furry companion’s health. The dog owners often over-looked the nutritional value high-fibrous food can provide to your furry companion. High-fibrous food helps in maintaining your dog’s digestive health. Feeding high-fibrous… Continue reading Benefits of high-fiber dog food

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Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Fri Mar 30 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Bone Broth is a liquid made up of raw or cooked bones simmered at a low heat. It’s an inexpensive super-food for dogs which is full of nutrients. Bone Broth is easy to digest and helps in keeping the dog in the sound health. Bone Broth has phenomenal benefits as it helps in aiding various… Continue reading Benefits of Bone Broth

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Do Dogs need Fats in their Diet?

  • Sat Mar 17 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Fats are an important component of your furry friend’s diet. They require fats in good proportions as it provides energy to them and also, it helps in proper development of muscles, nerves and, body tissues. Fats present in the dog’s food are highly digestible and it helps in making your furry companion active. Fats are… Continue reading Do Dogs need Fats in their Diet?

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Canned Food Vs. Dry Food

  • Sat Mar 10 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Good nutritious food is essential for keeping your dog healthy. The dog owner always strives to feed their dog the best food which ensures proper functioning of their body. It’s an overwhelming situation for dog owners when they need to decide which form of food would be best suitable for his dog. You need to… Continue reading Canned Food Vs. Dry Food

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Human foods that are safe for dogs

  • Wed Mar 7 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Sometimes, Dog owners can’t resist themselves from sharing mouth-watering food with their furry companion but dogs and humans have different metabolism. Some human foods can be toxic to dogs whereas some human foods can be perfectly safe for them. The dog owners need to be aware of the food that he can and can’t share… Continue reading Human foods that are safe for dogs

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Feeding a Senior Dog

  • Sat Jan 20 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

So, let’s discuss the important things that you need to consider while feeding your senior dog: Amount of Calories One of the most important things that one needs to take care of is the number of calories that are required by your senior dog. Just like humans, dog’s calorie requirement changes with time. When they… Continue reading Feeding a Senior Dog

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  • Sat Jan 6 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Whether to feed raw food or home cooked food is a very intense decision for a dog owner. In the recent times feeding raw is considered to be more beneficial for dogs, as before becoming domesticated, dogs were used to eat raw meat in the wild but in a study it is found that there… Continue reading RAW FEEDING VS HOME COOKED FOOD

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  • Fri Jan 5 | Categories:Dog Nutrition

Just like humans, dogs are biologically considered as omnivorous so this implies that a dog can take up his requirement of various nutrients from both plants and animals. A dog may need a well-balanced diet for the proper functioning of the body but among other beneficial nutrients, protein is considered the one without which a… Continue reading HOW MUCH PROTEIN DOES A DOG NEED FOR PROPER DEVELOPMENT

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