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Human foods that are safe for dogs

Sometimes, Dog owners can’t resist themselves from sharing mouth-watering food with their furry companion but dogs and humans have different metabolism. Some human foods can be toxic to dogs whereas some human foods can be perfectly safe for them. The dog owners need to be aware of the food that he can and can’t share with his furry companion.

Before feeding anything to your dog, one must consider consulting a veterinarian

Let’s find out some dog-approved human foods that one should share with their furry companion.


Carrots are very beneficial for dog’s health as it is rich in fiber and vitamin A. It helps in keeping his gums healthy. Make sure to give it to your furry companion in smaller amounts.


Pumpkin is very beneficial for improving digestive system of your dog. It is high in fiber and vitamin A which helps in aiding any kind of digestive problem.


By adding scrambled eggs in his diet, you can provide him a good source of protein. Fully cooked eggs help in aiding an upset stomach. Dog-owner should avoid feeding him raw eggs as it can result in various health problems.


Corn is very beneficial for dogs and, is commonly used in various dog foods. It has various health benefits but the dog owner must consider removing the cob before feeding it to your four-legged friend as cob can cause blockage in his intestine.


Honey contains various beneficiary nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E AND, K. The dog owner needs to feed him honey in very small amounts. Honey can help in aiding allergies and, it also helps in building up his immunity. You can also apply it over the wounds and it will help in healing it.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is a good source of protein and, also it is one of the favorite treats of the dogs. Always make sure to feed him unsalted peanut butter. Artificially sweetened peanut butter can be toxic to your dog so, always feed him raw peanut butter.


You can feed cheese to your dog but you should start with small amounts. Always look for the cheese with low-fat content as high-fat content can harm your dog’s health. You can feed him cottage cheese.


You can feed your dog popcorns only if it doesn’t contain any foreign ingredient. Salted popcorn can harm your dog’s health so, the dog owner needs to avoid adding any kind of ingredient in the popcorn. Always make sure to feed full-popped kernels to your dog.

So, these were a few human foods that are completely safe for dogs but one must consider giving it in adequate proportions. Also, monitor how his body reacts to that food, if he shows any abnormality then you should consider visiting a doctor.

March 7, 2018|Dog Nutrition

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