How to Keep Dog’s Joints Healthy?

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How to Keep Dog’s Joints Healthy?

Just like humans, dogs also age, and their joint health start deteriorating. The chances of joint-related issues can pose a major issue in mobility. Although the large breeds are more prone to joint problems still, every dog owner needs to maintain his dog’s joint health to avoid developing joint problem.

Taking care of your pooch’s joint from an early age is important so that you can lower down the chances of joint issues when he enters his seniorhood. Just like in humans, joint pain is part of the ageing process in dogs but you can definitely slow it down by taking care of your dog’s joint health.

Dogs lead a very active lifestyle. They love to run & play all the time which is why they are more inclined to suffer from joint problems. This means dog owners need to take essential steps to keep their pooch’s joints healthy and strong.

Uncomfortable & achy joints can affect the quality of your dog’s life so you need to give your dog an extra boost of care & nutrition to help him avoid suffering from any joint ailments.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few effective ways in which you can keep your dog’s joints healthy & strong:

Nutritious diet

Yes, it all starts with a healthy & nutritious diet. To keep your dog’s bones healthy, you need to ensure that you are feeding all the necessary nutrients to him. Every dog has a unique dietary requirement that plays a crucial role in maintaining his overall health. Make sure to feed a balanced diet to your dog so that his bones become healthy & strong.

Install a non-skid flooring

Flooring can also play a crucial role in keeping your dog’s joints healthy. Dogs spend most of their time at home playing or running around so you need to install non-skid flooring so that your dog can doesn’t slip and hurt his joints. If the flowing is too smooth then your dog can find it difficult to have a grip, resulting in wearing & tearing of his bones & muscles.

Weight management

The next way to keep your dog’s joints healthy is by managing your furry companion’s weight. To avoid any health risk, it is important to monitor the portions you’re feeding your dog. If you feed him more than the ideal portion then it will make him obese. People don’t realize that obesity is directly linked to joint problems. Too much body weight will strain his bones & muscles, causing joint health & mobility issues.

Supervise your dog’s exercise

We all know how playful puppies & young dogs are but, jumping too high or running too hard can pose risk for joint health issues. The dog owner should always supervise his dog so that he doesn’t injure himself much earlier in life. When a dog is in his puppyhood then his bones don’t mature completely & have a high risk of injury so you need to supervise your dog’s exercises.

Massage the joints

Another easy & effective way to keep your dog’s joints healthy & strong is by gently massaging them. You can try out different massaging techniques then stick to the one that your dog finds relaxing. If you suspect any inflammation then always consult your vet first before massaging the joints.

Give some supplements

The next thing that you can do to do improve your dog’s health is by adding supplements to his diet. You can go for supplements like Glucosamine, which will help in stimulation the growth of cartilage cells & Chondroitin, which will help in inhibiting the cells that damage cartilage. Make sure to consult your vet before giving these supplements to your dog.

Use pet-friendly ramps

The next thing that you can do is using a pet-friendly ramp in the house so that it can reduce your dog’s continuous jumping & damaging of joints. You can also use a ramp for your dog to step in & out of the car comfortably.

If you have a senior dog at home then you should always make sure to keep your home’s environment more comfortable for your dog. Always strive to make your dog’s life easier so that he doesn’t struggle to do his daily pursuits.

Strengthening of joints

Another effective way to maintain your dog’s joint health is by incorporating proper exercise in his daily life. Regular exercise can help your dog to maintain a healthy pace with minimal wear tear of joints over time. If you have a senior dog with mobility or joint issues then make sure to incorporate light exercises so, that he doesn’t put excess strain on his joints.

Regular veterinary checkups

Make sure to visit your veterinarian regularly so that he can closely monitor your dog’s overall health conditions. The vet will ensure that your dog’s bones are developing properly, remains healthy and strong throughout maturation.

So, these are a few effective ways to keep your dog’s joints healthy & strong. By following these tips, you can definitely prevent your dog’s joint from getting damaged. By taking care of your dog’s joints from an early age, you can prevent the onset of many joint issues on your furry companion.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that giving proper preventative care to your furry companion is of utmost importance to keep any joint-related issues at bay. Don’t forget to consult your veterinarian to help you give a proper nutritional & exercise plan to improve your dog’s joint health.

May 5, 2021|Dog Care

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