How to Stop your Dog from Pulling the Leash?

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How to Stop your Dog from Pulling the Leash?

Are you wondering why your dog pulls the leash aggressively every time you take him on a walk? Well, you’re not alone, most dog owners face this issue. It may be a common issue but the dog owner should pay attention & put efforts in teaching his dog some leash manners. Just like potty training, leash training is equally important to keep your dog well-behaved otherwise it may result in a multitude of problems.

According to dog trainers and experts, Instilling appropriate leash manners helps in teaching your dog to be relaxed & peaceful on the walks. Dogs have a natural desire to pull on the leash which if not stopped, can result in undesirable behavior. Dogs love to explore the new smell, new atmosphere, etc. which is why they become extremely excited & they end up pulling the leash. From a dog’s perspective, he is just following the new scent that he discovers, and due to poor leash behavior, he tries to pull the leash. The best way to deal with it is by using appropriate training techniques so that your dog remains well-behaved on the leash. Instilling leash behavior is also highly crucial to avoid any risk that can potentially occur due to leash pulling.

To make your dog from pulling the leash, it is highly crucial to understand what triggers this behavior. We all know that too much excitement is not good for your dog’s health, and it can doom your dog for life so the dog owner should take necessary steps to prevent & manage it using positive reinforcement training methods. By understanding what excites your dog, you can work on training them to have self-control so that they can walk at an ideal pace. If your dog tends to pull you on the leash then you need to retrain him so that he can learn to walk side by side without getting overexcited. Leash pulling behavior can cause injuries so you need to teach your dog to walk at a normal pace on a leash.

Still wondering how to stop your dog from pulling the leash? Well, don’t worry

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few effective ways using which you can stop your dog from pulling the leash:

Focus on making him well-behaved

The first thing that you need to do is adjust his behavior. If your dog gets too excited then you need to rectify his attitude so that he can become calmer. Teaching your dog to stay calm outdoors is the first thing that every dog owner should do. With the right tools & patience, you can make your dog well-behaved.

Teach him leash manners

The next thing that you need to do is teach him some leash manners so that your dog can walk side by side without getting distracted from the surrounding. By teaching him leash manners, you can minimize the danger associated with leash pulling. The dogs who don’t have leash manners try to break free whenever they see or smell anything interesting so by instilling leash manners, you can make them follow your guidance during the walk. Leash training is an important part of behavioral training that will help in filtering your dog’s overall behavior whenever he’s on a leash.

Positive reinforcement

The next thing that can help you in fixing your dog’s leash pulling behavior is by using positive reinforcement. You need to use plenty of rewards and treats to teach your dog not to pull the leash. You need to train him to walk your side by side whenever you take him outside. When a dog associates anything with a positive experience then he tends to do it more often. You need to encourage your dog to walk nicely then he will surely do it. Just like any other training, positive training is a great way to make your dog well-behaved.

Give him proper exercise

Sometimes dog acts aggressive or over-excited when they are not mentally & physically stimulated. Make sure to exercise your dog properly so that he doesn’t run due to excessive energy. When a dog is well-exercised then he will not try to run out of control. Maintaining self-control is not easy for dogs so when he is not physically & mentally stimulated then it results in making him quite aggressive.

Play “follow me” game

The next thing that you can do to stop your dog from pulling the leash is by playing “follow me” game. You can hold your dog on the leash then you can take some steps backward and ask your dog to follow you. Once your dog follows you then you should give him some rewards so that he can remember it. Make sure to play the game regularly until your dog masters it.

So, these are the things that you need to do to stop your dog from pulling the leash. Make sure to stay consistent otherwise your dog won’t be able to learn the behavior. Also, make sure to start the leash training indoors, and once your dog masters it then you can walk him comfortably on the leash outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that leash training is an important part of behavior training so every dog owner should consider providing it to keep his dog well-behaved.

June 11, 2020|Dog Training

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