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How to teach your dog not to jump?

Some dog owners enjoy when their furry companion greets them by jumping up on them whereas most dog owners find this behavior annoying. Jumping on people is an attention seeking behavior which a dog owner should consider changing otherwise it can become a big problematic issue when the dog gets older.

The dog owner should discourage this behavior from a very early age so that they stop jumping on people. Generally, dogs jump on people to greet them and to get their attention. In the animal’s world, such behavior is considered as a well-mannered behavior but in human society, it is not much appreciated.

dog jumpingTo alter this unacceptable way of greeting people of your furry friend, you need to teach your dog not to jump. You need to make your dog understand that he won’t be able to grab your attention by jumping on people. The way people respond to the jumping behavior of the dog plays a crucial role in influencing the dog’s behavior. The dog owner should never reward his furry companion’s jumping behavior as then he will do it more often.

Let’s consider a few strategies that all the dog owners should use to teach dog not to jump:

  • The dog owner should never pay attention to their furry companion unless his front feet are touching the ground.
  • When you come home and your dog jumps to greet you then you simply need to ignore him. Dogs jump to seek the attention of their owner, and on knowing that in this way they won’t get attention from you then they will stop doing it.
  • If your dog jumps on you when you prepare food for him then, all you need to do is keep the food out of his access and give it when he calms down.
  • Don’t let your pooch go outside if he keeps on jumping on the door as if you let him go then it implies that you are rewarding his jumping behavior.
  • If your dog has learned all the basic commands such as sit, stay, eat etc. then you can command him to sit whenever he tries to jump on you.
  • The dog owner should always reward only his dog’s calm and polite behavior and whenever he displays jumping behavior then just ignore him and until he calms down.

The reason behind the dog’s jumping behavior

dog jumping behaviorThere are a number of reasons behind a dog’s jumping behavior. Some people believe that dog jumps on people to greet them whereas some believe that they do it to display dog dominance. No matter whatever the reason is, one should never reward a dog’s jumping behavior. You need to figure what exactly is motivating your dog to jump up on you. Sometimes, a dog can display jumping behavior when he has too much energy pent-up so you need to ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise. No dog owner should allow his dog to jump on people as your dog’s overexcitement can result in severe repercussions.

The dog owner should teach his dog that he should always sit or stand to greet a human. The dog will require some time to learn what his master wants him to do but with consistent efforts and practice, he will learn it within a short span of time.

Here is a step by step infographic guide on how you can do it.

August 3, 2018|Dog Training

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