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How to Walk Two Dogs Together?

Walking a single dog is a fun activity for every dog owner, but when there are two dogs in a household, then dog walking can feel like a daunting task. Taking two dogs on a walk together can be hazardous if the dogs aren’t well-trained or if you don’t manage them like a pack leader. Walking two dogs together takes a lot of dedication otherwise, both the dogs will start pulling in a different direction.

Generally, walking is the favorite highlight of every dog’s daily routine as he smells & explores new things which help him to get proper mental & physical stimulation, keeping his health & happiness intact. If you share your home with 2 dogs, then walking each dog individually may take up a lot of time so, walking two dogs together may sound like a good plan for you. However, to make ‘walk the dog’ a success, you need to ensure that your dogs are well-trained to walk politely on a leash.

Want to walk your two dogs together without putting yourself through a chaotic mess?

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few tips & tricks to help you walk two dogs at once:

#1. Use the right gears

Before taking your two dogs on a walk, you need to ensure that you have the necessary gears at your disposal. To walk your dog, all you need is a suitable collar & a leash. When picking these gears, make sure that it fits correctly & doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable. If your dog pulls too much then get him a harness so that he doesn’t injure his neck. Also, avoid using retractable leash & get separate leashes for both the dogs.

#2. Start with training each dog separately

To walk your two dogs at the same time, first, you need to train each dog to walk properly. Give them proper obedience training so that both of them can feel comfortable walking with you. Make sure to give your dog proper leash training so that he doesn’t pull the leash while walking.

Walking two dogs#3. Do some practice at the home

Doing some practice with your dogs at home is the best way to see if your dogs feel comfortable by walking on either side of you. If you have a spacious backyard then, you can start practising at home. Just walk slowly back and forth, putting extra attention on both of them. Once your dog gets comfortable & walk properly without pulling then you can consider walking them in the neighbourhood.

#4. Tailor the walk to the slowest dog

The next important thing that you should take into consideration is tailoring the walk at the pace of the slowest dog. Every dog is blessed with different energy levels so, if you have two different breed dogs & want to walk them together, then always make sure to tailor the walk keeping the slowest dog in mind. For instance, if you are walking a Pug & German Sheppard together then, the walk should be short so that your pug doesn’t get overworked, consider a different exercise for your high-energy dog.

#5. Maintain the consistency

One of the most common mistakes that dog owners make while walking their dogs is that they don’t maintain consistency. After leash training your dog, if your dog pulls to sniff anything & you let them do it then, all your training efforts will go in vain. A dog owner needs to maintain consistency so that the dog can learn the behavior properly.

#6. Reward good behavior

If you notice your dog is walking calmly & following all your commands then you should consider rewarding him with treats or praises. Rewarding his good behavior will make him do it more often so they will always stay at their best behavior.

#7. Use short leashes

The next thing that you need to consider is using short leashes while walking two dogs together. Using a short leash will ensure that both the dogs are closer to you and it will also avoid any chances of the leash getting tangled.

Walking two dogs#8. Avoid distractions

To walk your two dogs successfully, it is important to avoid any kind of distractions that may cause trigger your dog to react. If you saw some distractions on the way, then keep your dog preoccupied with a treat or something else so that he doesn’t react to it.

#9. Hold one leash in each hand

To let your dog enjoy their walk, make sure to hold one leash in each hand so that they don’t run into each other & get hurt. Also, holding the leash in each hand will give your more control over both of them. Sometimes, even well-trained dogs can also start running so keeping a tight grip on the leash is highly crucial.

#10. Have patience

Well, walking two dogs together may seem like a daunting task but with some training, efforts & patience, you can easily manage it. All you have to do is adhere to basic training rules and maintain consistency.

So, these are a few effective tips that can help you walk your two dogs together. Well, smooth dog walking takes a lot of practice so make sure to be prepared & practice so, that you can successfully walk your two dogs together.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that walking together as a family is a great feeling that every dog owner can easily achieve by following all the tips & tricks. Always consider your dog’s training & physical state to ensure that both the dogs can enjoy their walks.

May 24, 2021|Dog Training

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