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Impressive Tricks to Teach your Dog

Trick training is a great way to spice up your pet’s life as it not only provides him stimulation but also helps in strengthing your bond with him. Sit, stay, and come commands are a few fundamental commands that every dog owner should teach his furry companion but dogs are capable of much more than these basic tricks. Once your dog has mastered the basic commands then you can consider teaching him impressive tricks that everyone absolutely adores.

Dogs are highly intelligent beings, and with some hard work & patience, you can surely teach them fun tricks that you can pull in front of everyone. Trick training is a great way to boost your furry companion’s brain. Teaching a bunch of fun tricks to your dog is always a great idea as it helps in increasing flexibility, balance, and concentration in your dog. By teaching more tricks to your dog, you can make him smarter than any dog in your neighborhood. The dog owner should always keep on teaching new tricks to his dog as it helps in keeping your dog active. Many tricks can help in building endurance, stamina & muscle tone so by teaching them, you can improve your dog’s overall well-being.

Also, one of the most important things that you need to consider before getting started with a trick training session with your dog is that your dog should be in a good mood & willing to learn tricks as forcing him to do anything will only make him hard to learn. Stay calm & positive so that your dog considers training as his favorite activity.

In this article, we’ve rounded a few easy & impressive tricks that you can teach your dog:

Shake hands

Make your dog greet your guest by teaching him to shake hands. Handshaking is a pretty easy yet impressive trick as it will prevent your dog from jumping on the guests while greeting them. To teach this command, all you need to do is first, ask your dog to be in a “sit position” then you need to make him raise his paw naturally by placing a treat in your hand & try to raise his paw while using a verbal cue “shake” then give him the treat. Repeat this a few times so that he can learn it. Also, try to hold his paw gradually higher as your goal is to let it reach to his chest height. Keep practicing it for a few days until your dog learns it. Always make sure to use positive reinforcement to help your dog learn new tricks.


The next command that you can teach your dog is to roll over. To teach this position, all you need to do is put your dog in the “down position”. Then you need to place a treat in your hand & slowly move your hand behind your dog’s neck. By doing this, you need to encourage your dog to turn his head backward while remaining in the down position. As your dog moves his head to sniff the treat, gently roll over the treat encouraging your dog to roll the same way. Once your dog rollover, make sure to give him treats immediately. Repeat the whole process a few times so that your dog can understand the link between the command & the rollover. Also, Have patience & never get frustrated when your dog can’t do the command in the right manner.

Balance a treat on the nose

The next amazing trick that you can teach your dog is balancing a treat on the nose. You must have seen many videos where the dog sits patiently balancing a treat on his nose. Well, you can also make your pooch master this fun trick. All you have to do is, first, make your dog sit in front of you then make your dog feel comfortable with the idea of resting something on his nose. Take a treat in your hand & allow your dog to sniff it but don’t let your dog eat it. The next step is to gently touch his nose so that he can get used to it. The last step is to place the treat on your pooch’s nose & give “leave it” command. Surely, your dog won’t be able to perform the trick in one go so make sure to practice daily so that he master this trick.

Bark on command

The next trick that you can teach your dog is to bark on command. If your dog is already excessively vocal then teaching this trick would be a piece of cake for you but if your dog is quiet & calm naturally then it may take you longer to train him. To make your dog bark on command, make sure to get him excited then as soon as he makes a sound, reward him with a treat. Repeat it for a few more times until he starts barking when you give the “speak” command.

Playing dead

One of the most mind-blowing tricks that you can teach your furry companion is to play dead. Most dog owners consider it an advanced trick which their dog might not be able to do but with little patience & practice, you can surely make him do it. Before getting started with this trick, make sure that your dog has already mastered the rollover trick. To teach your dog to play dead, all you have to do is, first, get your dog to sit down then take a treat in your hand & place it close to his nose then gently move the treat towards his shoulder to make him fall on their side. Once they get to that position then say “play dead” & reward him with a treat. Make sure to practice it a few more times, until your dog masters it.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that dogs can easily learn a bunch of fun skills that not only help in making them more well-behaved but also helps in improving your bond with them.

July 24, 2020|Dog Health

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