Is It Safe to Feed Raw Eggs To Dogs?

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Is It Safe to Feed Raw Eggs To Dogs?

When it comes to deciding the dog’s menu, one of the most frequently asked questions of dog owners is that can they feed raw eggs to their furry companion. There is a major misconception among people that feeding raw eggs can put a dog’s health in danger ranging from high cholesterol to high risk of bacterial infection, etc but the reality is that raw eggs can provide numerous health benefits to dogs. Despite all the debates, raw eggs provide complete nutritious value to the canine companions.

Eggs are a rich source of protein along with essential vitamins & minerals that act as great dietary supplements for dogs. It is a healthy & nutritious snack that is absolutely safe for dogs. For hundreds of years, eggs have been a staple canine diet as it offers a complete source of nutrition that helps in keeping canine companions healthy & happy.

How feeding raw eggs are better than cooked eggs?

Dogs can have both raw as well as cooked eggs, however, feeding raw eggs are better than feeding cooked eggs as some nutritional value gets destroyed by cooking so to make your dog’s body absorb all the health benefits, it is better to feed eggs in the raw form. Raw eggs tend to have identical nutritional value, however, it has lesser fat & calorie content than the cooked egg. Many people argue that feeding raw eggs to dogs can be dangerous as the bacteria named Salmonella or E. coli from raw eggs can result in causing food poisoning or diarrhea, however, this argument is quite baseless because a dog’s gut is absolutely different from that of humans that is why they can easily digest raw eggs without occurring any problem.

Still confused, whether or not feeding raw eggs to dogs is safe? Well, don’t worry!

Benefits of feeding raw food to dogs

Raw eggs are a rich source of protein for your furry companion. Every dog needs protein in his diet to keep his skin & coat healthy and shiny. Protein is an essential nutrient that you should feed your dog so that he can grow as a healthy & happy dog in the years to come. Raw eggs are full of nutritious value which helps in keeping your furry companion healthy. Raw eggs contain a higher amount of biotin & vitamin which helps in keeping your’s coat healthy & also keeps skin issues away. You can also feed the eggshell to your dog as it is rich in calcium & phosphorous which helps in strengthening your dog’s bones, joints & teeth. If your dog eats kibble then you can also add a raw egg into it to make it more appetizing. The various nutrients that are present in dogs are Vitamin A, Fatty Acids, Iron, Folate, Selenium, Vitamin B12, etc. Eggs are considered as a complete food source as it contains all the necessary nutrients to keep your canine companion’s health intact.

Controversies associated with raw eggs

Feeding raw eggs is still a highly controversial topic due to which many dog owners couldn’t decide whether they should feed raw eggs to their dogs. People believe that feeding raw eggs to dogs can pose the threat of salmonella & E.colli. And, the egg whites can result in causing biotin deficiency in your canine companion. However, the fact is that dogs rarely get salmonella & E.coli as dogs have a strong digestive system which doesn’t give enough for bacteria to build up. Another major concern associated with feeding raw eggs is that the avidin present in the egg whites can cause biotin deficiency but you can still manage it by feeding egg yolks as biotin is present in egg yolk so the deficiency wouldn’t occur.

What kind of eggs should you feed your dog?

When it comes to feeding raw eggs to your dog, make sure to feed him organic farm-fresh eggs. If there is a local farm near you then you should consider buying eggs from there instead of super-market. Organic eggs have high nutritious value than the commercially grown eggs so by feeding him organic eggs, you can provide him provide all the nutritional content of raw eggs.

How to introduce eggs into your canine’s diet

To add raw eggs in your dog’s diet safely, first, you need to ensure that your dog is not allergic to it. To test for allergens, you need to start off with a small quantity then monitor your dog closely for any change in behavior. If your dog doesn’t show anything unusual then you can continue feeding him more, however, make sure that you gradually increase egg quantity in his diet so that his body can get used to it. Also, avoid feeding eggs every day as it can cause biotin deficiency. You can feed him egg once or twice a week to keep his health intact.

So, these are all the things that you should know before feeding raw eggs to your dog. Raw eggs contain all the necessary nutrients that a dog needs to keep his body healthy & fit. Don’t forget to consult your vet too before adding raw eggs in your pooch’s diet to rule out all your worries.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that eggs are an inexpensive source of all the nutrition that your dog requires to maintain a healthy & well-balanced diet.

June 26, 2020|Dog Health

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