Managing Dog’s Attention-seeking Behavior

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Managing Dog’s Attention-seeking Behavior

Attention-seeking behavior is one of the most common behavioral issue associated with the dogs. If you accept such behavior as a part of their personality then it can reach severe proportions. Every dog display different forms of attention-seeking behavior. Some dog tends to bark excessively to attract the attention of his owner, some constantly jump on their owner, some dogs engage in tail chasing which make their owner wonder why do dogs chase their tails & some dogs do it by displaying destructive behavior, and some by faking medical issues etc.

A dog will probably display attention-seeking behavior when he wants to gain something which is not needed at that moment. The dog owners are themselves responsible for developing this behavior in their furry friend as they tend to give them lots of attention whenever their furry companion demands it. Over time, your dog will learn this behavior that if he does this then his owner will surely give him some attention. For generating desirable attention from their owners, dogs continue to display certain actions.

Basically, this problematic behavior arises due to lack of physical activity and boredom.

Signs of attention-seeking behavior

  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive behavior
  • Stealing things
  • Pawing
  • Whining
  • Jumping
  • Sitting on your feet

If your dog is displaying some of this problematic behavior then you need to address it and consider taking necessary steps to manage it.
Dealing with attention-seeking behavior

Attention-seeking behavior is a severe behavioral problem that needs to be addressed in time otherwise your life with your furry companion will become unbearable. It only becomes a learned behavior when we give favorable responses to their attention-seeking behavior.

Let’s find out some effective ways to deal with this behavior:

  • Look for the reason: The foremost thing that a dog owner needs to consider is looking for the reason behind this behavior. The foundation of this issue is lack of physical stimulation and boredom. You need to address what possibly triggers your furry companion to behave in a certain way. Implement all the changes that can help in dealing with this behavioral issue.
  • Consider retraining him: The next thing that one needs to do is training. Through training, you need to build up to the level of patience with Immediately correct your dog when he displays any undesirable attention-seeking behavior. Positive reinforcement also plays a vital role in filtering the dog’s behavior.
  • Ignore him: The best way of dealing this situation is by not giving them attention. Even if you scold them for say no still you are giving them attention. All you need to do is just ignore him when he is trying to gain attention from you.
  • Consistency: Consistency plays a major role in managing your dog’s attention-seeking behavior. By staying consistent, you will be able to easily bring changes to your furry companion’s behavior.

So, these are a few effective ways which can help you in managing the attention-seeking behavior of your furry companion.

April 14, 2018|Dog Training

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