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Must-have Items for Senior Dogs

With the growing age, dogs need extra care & attention to lead a happy life. Just like humans, dogs also experience age-related conditions in their senior hood, which is why every dog owner should be looking for essential supplies to make his senior dog’s life easier.

When you bring home a puppy, his needs & wants are pretty obvious – crate, toys, dog beds, etc. but as he grows old, most dog owners tend to overlook the needs of their dog. When a dog reaches his senior hood, he becomes less active & requires extra care & attention in his day to day activities.

Stocking up essential things is necessary to make your dog’s golden years full of comfort. From supplements to mobility products, a senior dog may need some must-have supplies to improve his well-being.

In this article, we’ll discuss some must-have essential supplies that every senior dog needs:

#1. A supportive bed

Unlike young dogs, senior dogs are less active & prefer to spend most of their day lounging or sleeping so, the first essential thing that you should consider buying is a supportive bed. Young dogs or puppies love to rest on the floor, but for a senior dog it can quite painful so you should get your dog an orthopaedic bed that gives his body proper support.

#2. Elevated food & water bowl

Most senior dogs suffer from spine & joint issues, which makes it quite difficult for them to bend their neck and eat their food. The best solution for this problem is to get them an elevated food & water bowl. The elevated food & water bowl are specially designed to help your senior dog maintain the proper posture while eating or drinking.

must-have essentials for senior dogs#3. Ramps

When a dog enters his senior hood, his body starts having limitations but they don’t always recognize it and ends up injuring himself. As the dog age, doctors recommend using a ramp or stairs to make it easier for getting on the furniture or car. The dog owner shouldn’t ask his pooch to jump and hop into the car as it can result in chronic joint problems.

#4. Soft toys

You may see senior dogs lounging all day but that doesn’t mean that they lost their love for play. Even senior dogs need to play to exercise their brain. Proper mental & physical stimulation is important to keep your senior dog’s health intact. Instead of choosing regular toys, opt for soft toys so that he can enjoy playing with them without hurting himself.

#5. Pee pads

Housebreaking incidents can happen when a dog approaches his senior hood, which is why senior dogs are known to leak a little. If your pooch has also started leaking inside the house then it’s time to use pee pads so that you don’t have to clean the floor every time it happens.

#6. Heat mat

If your furry companion has arthritis, then a heating mat is a must-have item that you should consider buying. Heating mats help in soothing the dog’s joints & also keep their body warm & toasty in bitter cold months. As the dogs grow older, they really appreciate extra warmth against their body which is why more and more vets are recommending heating mats.

#7. Slip-proof mats

The next must-have essential item that you should consider buying for your pooch is a slip-proof mat. Due to weak joints & lack of proper stability, senior dogs have an increased risk of slipping on the hardwood floor. If the flooring at your home is smooth & slippery then you should consider getting a slip-proof mat for your pooch. Alternatively, you can also use rugs to avoid your dog from slipping on the floor.

must-have essentials for senior dogs#8. Vitamin supplements

The next thing that your senior dog may need in his golden years is vitamin supplements. As we all know how our pooch’s joints become weak in the senior hood so the best way to ensure that his bones remain healthy & strong is by adding vitamin supplements to his diet. Make sure to consult your doctor before adding it to his diet.

#9. Dental care products

Every dog owner should take good care of his dog’s teeth, not only in puppyhood but in his senior hood as well. A good dental routine can definitely prolong your pooch’s life by several years. When it comes to a dog’s dental health adopting a laissez-faire approach is not a wise decision as it can result in ruining your dog’s oral health, contributing to other fatal health problems. So, make sure to follow a proper dental regime to keep your dog’s teeth & gums healthy.

#10. Thundershirt

The last must-have item on our list is a thunder shirt. As the dog grows older, he tends to suffer from anxiety due to decreased level of eyesight & hearing. During a thunderstorm, he tends to become more anxious so by making him wear a thundershirt, you definitely reduce his anxiety level. By getting a thundershirt, you can help your dog relieve his stress & anxiety.

So, these are a few must-have items that every senior dog owner should consider getting for his furry companion. All these items will definitely help your dog lead his golden years in comfort.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that when a dog approaches his senior hood then he needs a little more love & attention to lead a blissful life. By taking care of his needs & wants, you can definitely make his golden years more magical.

May 25, 2021|Dog Care

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