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Reasons for Feeding problem in dogs

Mealtime is the most favorite part of the day for most canine companions, but not always. Just like humans, dogs can have eating issues too. Seeing a dog refusing food can be heart-breaking for any dog owner. Generally, when a dog is not well then, he loses his appetite. One missed meal is not a matter to worry about. However, if your dog continues refusing to eat, then it often an indication that going is going on with your pooch.

Every dog owner should ensure that his furry companion is taking a well-balanced diet as without proper nutrition, the dog can easily fell prey to many health complications. To make your dog eat again, it is important to find & rule out the potential reason behind it.

Even though most days can go without food for a couple of days, but it is not recommended to wait for that long to address the issue. On noticing that your dog is not eating anything then you should consider addressing it as soon as possible. To fix your dog’s feeding problem, it is essential to find out the possible reasons behind it.

In this article, we’ve rounded up all the potential reason behind your dog’s feeding problem & how can you fix it:

#1. Illness

Just like humans, dogs can also refuse to eat when they feel sick. If your dog is not eating well, then it can indicate that something is going on with your pooch. Infectious diseases, like parvovirus or other serious conditions, can be the reason behind your dog’s refusal to eat.

You must be wondering how a dog owner can know that his dog is not eating due to an underlying medical condition? Well, all you have to do is monitor your dog’s behaviour. When a dog feels sick, he appears tired or lethargic & refuses to do his daily activity. Then, it the cue for the dog owner to take their furry companion to a vet for proper examination.

reasons for dog feeding problem#2. Swallowed something

We all know that our dog loves to explore everything around them through their mouth. They chew & eat things that they aren’t supposed to. This voracious eating habit of dogs can also be the culprit for a dog’s feeding problem. Generally, young & playful dogs swallow small toy, tennis ball, etc, and until it passes through this poop, they tend to quit eating.

On suspecting that your dog has swallowed an object, then you should consider taking him to the vet. He will do an ultrasound to see what he has swallowed then take potential measures to take it out.

#3. Medication

Another reason behind your dog’s lack of appetite can be medications. If your furry companion has recently been put on any medication, then it can also cause stomach issues that can make your dog not eat his meals. Medicines like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medicines can give your pooch stomachache which can be the reason that he is not eating his meals.

#4. Separation anxiety

Another possible reason behind your dog’s refusal to eat can be separation anxiety. Does your dog refused to eat when you are not home, but gulp downs the food from his food as soon as he sees you? Well, then the problem is separation anxiety so, fix your dog’s feeding problem if you need to curb his separation anxiety.

#5. Social & Emotional Issue

Another reason behind your furry companion’s feeding problem can be social & emotional abuse. If your dog has recently gone under any life-change event, for instance- moving to a new city, surgery, etc. then, it can result in making your dog upset & he may not feel like eating. Just like humans, dogs also feel sad so the best way to deal with is by distracting or cheering up your dog so that he can start eating again.

#6. Change in food

Just like humans, dogs can also have particular food preference so when you change your pooch’s food, then it can also result in causing feeding problem in dogs. On noticing a change in your pooch’s eating habits right after the change in food, then it indicates that your dog is having trouble accepting the new food. To fix this, all you have to do is consider switching your dog food slowly, not at once so that your dog can easily get used to the taste of new food.

#7. Dental issues

The next potential issue behind your dog’s feeding problem can be dental issues. Sometimes, when a dog has a toothache or any dental problem, then it can be hard for him to eat. One of the big sign of a dental issue is that a dog may be interested in food & sniffing it, but couldn’t chew it. Another big sign is that your dog will drool excessively but won’t be able to eat.

So, these are a few reasons for the feeding problem in dogs. When it comes to feeding your dog, always give high-quality food to your pooch so that he can stay healthy. Make sure to feed your dog twice a day at the same time & also exercise him regularly. On noticing any change in your pooch’s eating habits, make sure to address it as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that no matter what the age of your furry companion is, it is important to ensure that he gets all the needed nutrition, otherwise, his health will decline. Make sure to contact your veterinarian whenever you notice any feeding problem in your dog.

May 25, 2021|Dog Health

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