Dog-training is a time taking process but dog owner must pay most attention to it as it will lay the foundation of dog’s behavior. The dog owner needs to train their dog at a very early age so that they can grasp the skills. The dog owner needs to be patient as the dog will require some time to understand the instruction but anything can be achieved with consistent practice.

Teaching behavior skills to a dog are essential as there is an animal instinct in them due to which they unnecessarily bark and chew things or start digging but these behaviors are not acceptable in the human society so dog-owner needs to train their dog in order to filter these behaviors.

Moreover, training is necessary for dog’s safety as if any unfortunate situation occurs and you command your dog to do something then he will not able to understand what you are asking him to do so training build up your communication with the dog.

Various skills that you need to teach your dog are:

  1. The first command that a dog learn is to sit: All you need to do is raise the treat above his nose when he is standing then slowly raise it till his back of head then he will lie down on floor and then give him that treat to make him understand that if he will sit then he will be rewarded.
  2. The next command you need to teach him is to poop at designated spot and not anywhere else, he may take more time in learning this so have some patience and if your dog somehow poop at some other place then don’t scold him for that as he doesn’t understand the cause and effect as humans do. If he does it at the designated spot then don’t forget to reward him.
  3. The next command your dog needs to learn is to come when called, you can teach this initially with a leash on then call him to come towards you and if he does so then reward him. Basically, if a dog knows that after doing something he will be rewarded he will do it again and again in order to have rewards so reward plays a crucial role in training the dog.
  4. The next command your dog needs to learn is to stay in a position, the dog owner needs to teach him to keep him safe during adverse situations. You can teach him to hold a position for a small duration in the initial stage and then gradually increase the duration.

These are few basic commands which are necessary to teach a dog and you don’t need to hire any professional for teaching him such basic skills as you can do it by yourself. These commands help you to connect better with your dog as your dog would know what his master has asked him to do.

January 3, 2018|Dog Training

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