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Top 100 Female Dog Names With Meanings

Getting a new puppy girl home is fun & exciting. Whether you are welcoming a new puppy from the family litter or adopting one from the shelter, choosing a suitable name that matches her personality is crucial. Choosing a dog’s name requires plenty of thought as every dog owner prefers to give a unique name to their pooch.
When it comes to naming the dog, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, all you have to make sure is that it suits your dog personality. Always remember to avoid that are very similar to commands or sounds similar to any family member’s name as it can confuse your dog. You can go for dog names that have two syllables and ends with an ‘ee’ sound.
Choosing the right name for your dog is a big responsibility as you and everyone in your pup’s life would call her by that name. With so many good and unique names around, picking the perfect dog name can be quite tough.
Are you looking for a cute & unique name for your female pooch? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of amazing female dog names that will fit her personality, looks, and spirit perfectly.

Top 100 unique female dog names with meanings

female dog namesA
1. Ayra: Noble goodness
2. Abby: Joy
3. Athena: Goddess of wisdom
4. Angel: Messenger of god
5. Ariel: Little mermaid
6. Annie: Grace
7. Abbie: Smart
8. Alice: Truth
9. Addie: Adorable
10. Anna: Awesome
11. Bella: Beautiful
12. Bree: Upbeat
13. Buttercup: Yellow flower
14. Birdie: Birdlike
15. Bambi: Child
16. Blossom: Fresh
17. Bubbles: Happy
18. Cassie: Strong-willed
19. Carly: Pleasant
20. Coco: Chocolate
21. Cherry: Benevolent
22. Camilia: Royalty
23. Chanel: French-style architect
24. Chloe: Green shoot
25. Courtney: Short
26. Cupcake: Sweet
27. Callie: True friend
28. Diem: Day (in Italian)
29. Daisy: Day’s eve
30. Dorothy: Gift of god
31. Darlene: Dear
32. Dolly: Form of doll
33. Eva: Life
34. Ellie: Candle
35. Ezra: Helper
33. Gracie: Graceful
34. Ginger: Flower
35. Gerald: Pearl
36. Gigi: Cute
37. Ginny: Maiden
38. Hazel: God sees
39. Hope: Faith
40. Harley: Spacious meadow
41. Helga: Blessed
42. Holly: Plant with red berries
43. Heidi: Noble
44. Izzy: Elizabeth
45. Indigo: Color
46. Juliet: Youthful
47. Jemma: Dove
48. Jamie: Feminine version of James
49. Jasmine: God’s gift
50. Jolie: Pretty
51. Katie: Full of love
52. Kiki: New beginning
53. Kate: Pure
54. Kayla: Keeper of keys
female dog namesL
55. Layla: A little trouble-maker
56. Lucy: Energetic
57. Lexi: Defender of man
58. Lassie: Girl
59. Lucia: Light
60. Leela: Amorous spirit
61. Linda: Beautiful (In Spanish)
62. Lune: Crescent-shaped
63. Lois: Desirable
64. Lark: Bird
65. Leona: Lion
66. Lily: Type of flower
67. Marina: Sea
68. Millie: Gentle strength
69. Mia: Mine
70. Macy: Enduring
71. Maggie: Child of light
72. Missy: Honey
73. Maliha: Beautiful ( In Arabic)
74. Misty: Dew

75. Nora: Honour
76. Nala: Simba’s beloved
77. Nova: New
78. Nia: Lustrous
79. Oreo: Cookie
80. Pandora: Box of surprises
81. Paisley: Church
82. Priscilla: Ancient’
83. Peach: Fruit
84. Rosie: Happy
85. Roxy: Fun-loving
86. Ruby: Red gemstone
87. Skye: Calm
88. Sadie: Princess
89. Sophie: Wisdom
90. Stella: Star
91. Sydney: Wide meadow
92. Sugar: Sweet
female dog namesT
93. Tilly: Strength
94. Tessa: Reaper
95. Talia: Morning dew
96. Winnie: Smooth & soft
97. Willow: Magical
98. Xena: Welcome guest
99. Zoey: Life
100. Zuri: Beautiful

So, these are the most trendy female dog names that you can consider for naming your pooch. Always look for the names that suit well with your dog’s characteristics. Whichever name you choose, make sure it defines your dog personality, after all, you will use it to call her for the years to come.

May 24, 2021|Dog Care

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