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Hire A Dog Trainer

Top 4 Signs For You To Hire A Dog Trainer

“Hire a dog trainer! But what’s the need?” This is what you’ll hear if you tell a dog owner to hire a dog trainer. Most dog owners don’t understand the need to hire one. This article will give you a brief on top signs for you to hire a dog trainer.

Sending your pet to an obedience class or hiring a dog trainer isn’t a bad thing to do at all. It is good to have a trained dog rather than one that doesn’t follow what’s good or bad. Also, it is easy to give your furry friend ‘pre-training’ by yourself. There’s a lot of information regarding this online. But in most cases, some minor habits might turn into big issues in future and cause disturbance in your and your dog’s life.

So, it is necessary to provide your pet with proper training, ‘HIRE A DOG TRAINER!!’

Here are top signs one should look for to hire a dog trainer:

Safeguarding Objects

Be it your dog’s favorite toy or a bone, if it is something it refuses to give away, it is a serious matter!! No growling or attacking while you attempt to take away any object is normal. This needs to be addressed quickly. If something like this occurs, this simply means that the dog wants to claim that object and gets aggressive if its taken away. Resource guarding in a ‘BIG NO!’ for your pet.


Leash Pulling

This is something every pet owner finds normal and it seems like a secondary behavior. You need to keep in mind that there can be more to this!

First, if your dog is dragging you around, it can get very uncomfortable and annoying at the same time. When you want to walk a dog, it is where you want to take it, not where it wants. If your dog is strong enough, it can even drag you to the ground or give you a major muscle strain.

Second, your pet can even attack a person approaching or any other pet or street animal around. 


Jumping Around

You must be thinking, “Why is jumping bad? That’s how my dog welcomes me!!”. Well, there’s no doubt that jumping and licking the owner is a way by which dogs show affection, care, and love. But, if you or any guest of yours get scratched or knocked down, this can sometimes be dangerous. It is not about that your dog means to cause no harm. You need to make sure of the security of your friends as well as family who’ll probably be new to this behavior. They might even get frightened with your furry friend jumping over them when they enter your house. This behavior needs to be controlled!! There are many other ways to show affection and love.


Growling Or Nipping

When we talk about aggressive dogs, growling or nipping are the first things that come into notice. Also, these are considered to be initial signs of aggression in dogs. Full-blown attacks and severe bites usually come from such dogs. Even a single incidence of growling or nipping is alarming!! Hurry and hire a dog trainer as soon as possible as such behavior is unacceptable. If this behavior escalates, it could pose serious dangers.


So, if you experience any such behavioral changes in your furry friend, don’t ignore them. These changes aren’t minor and also not safe in the long run. Experiencing these once in a while is ok! But, if these happen often, you need to get alarmed. Therefore, the safest step in such a case is to hire a dog trainer without a wait!!

In order to avoid any legal issues because of some stranger’s complaint due to your dog’s behavior, look into the matter seriously.

Wrapping it up, we would say just remember your responsibility to keep your dog safe and also your friends, family, and neighbors safe! Be a ‘Good Dog Parent’ and do what’s best for your pet.


July 13, 2022|Dog Care

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