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top 4 ways to exercise your dog inside the house

Top 4 Ways To Exercise Your Dog Inside The House

Is it snowing outside? Also, your backyard is covered in snow? Or, maybe it’s totally opposite!! Is it far too hot to go outside on a walk or to play? Well, that’s an issue if you have pets at home. The dogs go bonkers if they don’t get to go on walks outside or play!! So, in such emergencies, you need to know some easy ways to tire out or exercise your dog inside the house. Here’s a list of the top 4 ways to exercise your dog inside the house:

Go On A Drive

A bored dog is never something you’d want. So, depending on the weather, getting into a car for a long drive won’t hurt. If you live in a chilly place, remember to warm up the car before leaving. Also, check for de-iced or plowed roads before going out. Just plan quick errands like a drive through the bank or hit the Starbucks and get your furry friend a puppy latte!!


Play DIY Games

You can never go wrong with playing games with your dog, especially DIY games. Dogs get bored with the same games!! Once they figure out the game totally, there’s no use in playing it as the challenge doesn’t exist anymore.

Games including food puzzles are the best!! Take paper cups, at least two for the first time. Make slits at the bottom. Place a food item that your pet loves and flip the cups upside down. Now, let your dog find where the food item is!! You can increase the number of cups and ask your dog to find the one with food under it. Many such games can be made at home itself!! Explore and enjoy.


Switching Toys

Just like kids, we get a bunch of toys for our furry kids too. But, you can’t deny the fact that they choose a favorite and stick to it every time. They would find a particular toy from the whole lot and ignore the others. So, to avoid this and create some excitement, just start switching the toys. Just offer 2-3 toys at once and hide the others at a place they can’t reach. When your pet seems disinterested in the existing toys, just switch them with different ones.

This will be very helpful as all the existing toys can be used in rotation. Also, every time you open the “toy treasure”, your dog would get excited about what’s going to come out next.


Go Social

Well, it might sound extreme for some, but this is something fun and of course “the latest trend”!

Make an Instagram account for your pet. Start adding clips with some tricks, or just some pictures with random poses. Also, you can teach them new poses. It might take some time for them to learn it but it’ll be worth it, TRUST US!!

That’s all for now!! Following these top 4 ways to exercise your dog inside the house. Believe us, you’re gonna have a lot of fun and your dog will be exhausted. So, be it the chilly winters or extremely hot temperatures, you’ve amazing ideas to enjoy indoors with your furry friend. These aren’t all the ways to enjoy indoors. Stay tuned for more!!

July 19, 2022|Dog Training

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