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Top 7 Dog Dental Health Questions

As a pet owner, you must have received recommendations regarding your dog’s dental health. We all know how caring about dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums can help in avoiding any health hazard, but many pet owners still feel hesitant to get involved with their pooch’s dental care.

Overlooking dental health can result in causing many dental disease in your pooch. Having a dental care regime is important to defend against periodontal disease (which can also affect your heart, kidneys, and liver). Just like humans, dogs also need proper oral hygiene to lead a healthier & happier life.

To help you improve your dog’s dental health, we’ve answered the top 7 dog dental health questions:

Question #1. Does my dog really need a dental cleaning? Won’t a dental chew clean his teeth?

Answer: Proper dental cleaning is absolutely necessary and it shouldn’t be taken lightly by the pet owners. Just like humans, dogs may also need periodic professional cleaning to get rid of tartar accumulation under the gum line. Some dental chews can help in reducing plaque but nothing will give you results like regular brushing & annual professional cleaning.

Question #2. Isn’t bad breath normal for pets?

Answer: Bad breath is neither good for you nor for your pooch. Most pet owners have a misconception that bad breath is common, but in reality, it is not. Bad breath is the result of tartar accumulation on the teeth by oral bacteria. Bad breath should never be overlooked as it can indicate many dental diseases, which if not treated, can lead to tooth loosening.

Question #3. Will brushing help in improving my dog’s oral health?

Answer: Having a proper dental routine will help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean & strong. Brushing your dog’s teeth with a pet-safe tooth paste will help in maintaining your dog’s oral health, but when you don’t brush your pet’s teeth properly then, it results in causing tartar accumulation. Once the layer of tartar is formed on the teeth then the only solution to get rid of it is professional cleaning.

Question #4. How can I take care of my pet’s teeth at home?

Answer: The best way to take a good care of your dog’s teeth is by brushing his teeth regularly with a pet-safe toothpaste. Don’t overlook the power of regular brushing as it can keep your dog’s mouth healthy & can help you save a lot of money. All you have to do is get your dog comfortable with regular brushing. It will help in preventing the accumulation of tartar buildup on your pet’s teeth. You can also use gel to rub on your dog’s teeth and feed him food that can help in disrupting the tartar build-up.

Question #5. Are dog’s mouth really cleaner than humans’ mouths?

Answer: One of the major misconception that most dog owners have is that they believe that dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s mouth. Well, we all know how they explore the world around them with their nose & mouth. They love to put things in their mouth, resulting in introducing new bacteria all the time so, we can clearly say that a dog’s mouth is no way cleaner than a human’s mouth.

Question #6. Do dogs get cavities?

Answer: Unlike humans, cavities is a rare sight in dogs. This is mainly because of the difference in the teeth anatomy in dogs. Also, dogs intake a low-sugar diet which is why dogs don’t get cavities.

Question #7. How can I tell if my dog has gum disease?

Answer: To check if your dog is affected with any gum disease, all you have to do is lift his lips, now examine if there is any swelling or redness in his gums on brushing your finger along your pooch’s gum. Swelling or redness in gums is an indication of gum disease in dogs. Also, if you notice breath or tartar then, you should seek your veterinarian as it is an early sign of dental issues in dogs.

So, these are a few most asked dog dental health questions asked by per owner. To help your dog have good oral health, it is important to brush his teeth daily. Just a few minutes of brushing can easily prevent potentially serious issues in the future.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, to improve your dog’s dental health, you need to incorporate a proper dental care regime along with an annual professional dental cleaning. An effective dental regime can make your pooch’s teeth strong, clean & free of any dental issues

May 21, 2021|Dog Health

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