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Top Dog Walking Gear On A Rainy Day

DON’T LET THE SHOWERS KEEP YOU AND YOUR PET INDOORS! Use the dog walking gear and enjoy the weather!!

Who doesn’t like to go for a walk in happy weather, especially, on rainy days!! The weather feels amazing once the rain has stopped. It is one of the best times to go on a walk. And, the fun gets doubled if you go out with your dog. Read this article till the end for the top dog walking gear on a rainy day

You and your dog need to have the proper walking gear to enjoy the peaceful weather and stay dry and warm at the same time. The only thing that can fade away the joy of this weather is bad gear!!

Here we have some top dog walking gear on a rainy day:

Your Rain Boots

The most important thing while going on a walk is “Hunter boots” or as some people call them, “wellies”. There are many different colors and sizes available, so you’ll probably get a pair of your choice of color. Also, these are quite easy to clean and also last for very long. One drawback is that these are at a higher price point.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable pair, you can try to get one from some local stores or markets. But, just keep in mind that these would probably last you only for one season. Therefore, investing in a good pair that lasts for years would be a smart choice.

Your Dog’s Rain Boots

Well, if you don’t like washing muddy paws after every walk, you need to get your furry friend some cool boots. Also, this will help in keeping your dog’s feet dry and warm at the same time. Boots for your dogs are necessary if you live at a location that experiences snowfall or hailstorms.

Your Hat

Getting yourself a hat is your personal choice. But using an umbrella while walking a dog can get tricky sometimes, especially in the rainy season. You must have both hands free to manage the leash and hold some other required stuff. If your dog isn’t very reactive to its surroundings, then an umbrella might work for you. If you don’t want to buy something new or special, then an old baseball cap can also get the job done. There are tons of options for adorable rain hats available nowadays. But, if it’s windy, try not to use a hat if you don’t want to worry about your hat blowing away.

Your Raincoat

Well, a good raincoat is necessary to protect you from rain showers and prevent your clothes from getting wet. Also, you need to keep in mind that during rains, early mornings, or in fog, etc. the visibility gets quite low. So, choose the colors wisely. We would recommend getting neon shades or any color that’d be visible to any passers-by. Also, keep in mind to choose one with pockets of the size that at least fits in your mobile and some cash/cards.

Your Dog’s Rain Coat

As mentioned above, choose a raincoat for your dog with reflective colors or if you don’t find any in such colors, choose ones that have some reflective piping or panels. These will be very helpful to increase visibility in inclement conditions and ensure your pet’s safety. We recommend choosing a raincoat of good brands as they easily last for more than 10 years. (Shocking, right! But, yes they do last this long if used properly.) Just ensure that the raincoat you buy is machine wash and you’re good to go.


Wrapping it up, getting all these things would be in vain if you don’t get outside! So, buckle up and go outside with your furry friend for good physical and mental health for you as well as your pet. If not a long walk, just go for a stroll around the neighborhood. Also, it would be amazing if you choose an area filled with greenery for more fresh and pure air. Just remember, the rain showers shouldn’t stop you!!

July 5, 2022|Dog Care

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