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Training a Deaf Dog

Most dog owners think twice before bringing a hearing-impaired dog. As they were once thought to be difficult to train, but it is absolutely not true. Deaf dogs can live normal lives & they can easily be trained. Deafness in dogs can be partial or complete. Some dogs are born with genetic defects whereas some dogs have hearing loss due to injuries or ageing.

Generally, dogs get trained by hearing commands & associating them with a specific action, since deaf dogs won’t be able to hear the commands so, they are taught specific visual signals that they learn to associate with specific action.

If you are thinking about bringing home a deaf dog, or if your pooch has recently acquired hearing loss, then don’t lose hope, your pooch can still lead a normal by giving him some training. Dog owners need to understand that, primarily, dogs communicate with each other through body language so, it is easier for them to learn commands through hand signals instead of spoken words.

Just like humans, dogs also rely on their senses to know about the environment around them. When a dog becomes hearing-impaired, then he learns to utilize his other senses well to gain all the valuable information. Just with a little effort & patience, you can definitely train your dog to live her best life alongside you.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some easy techniques in which you can train your deaf dog:

training a deaf dogAttain dog’s attention

Before getting started with the training, you need to learn how to interact with your deaf dog. Your deaf pooch won’t be able to hear you calling his name so, to get his attention, you may have to choose different techniques.

Hand signaling

You can grab your dog’s attention through hand signaling. All you have to do is either wave your hand in front of them or thump your fist or foot on the floor to create vibration. Make sure not to do anything that can startle your dog as then, he will become afraid.

Physical clicker training

You can also give your pooch physical clicker training. All you have to do is gently touch your dog to signal that his behavior is correct. Make sure to touch at the same spot every time. This technique is mainly used while signaling the dog that he is doing right. Also, don’t forget to reward him after touching him so that he can easily learn it.

Vibrating collars

Through a vibrating collar, you can train your pooch to look at you. Whenever you will press the button, the collar will start vibrating then it will signal your dog to look at you. Once you have your dog’s attention, don’t forget to give him a treat so that he can learn the behavior. Make sure to use a vibrating collar & not a shock collar as it can be painful for your dog.

Teach commands with luring

To teach your pooch basic commands, you can use the luring technique. As we all know dogs are excellent followers so, in the luring technique, all you have to do is take a treat in your hand, then lure your dog to follow the subtle movements of your hand. Always ensure that your dog is paying attention, then hold the treat & encourage your dog to follow it. Once you see that your dog has followed the cues then you can give him the treat so that he can learn it.

Use sign language

Dog owners interact with their furry companion through spoken words, but if you have a deaf pooch at home, then also you can easily establish effective communication with him. You can teach use dog sign language to learn the basic commands. It may take some effort to teach them sign language, but it will definitely help you both communicate easily.

training a deaf dogUse positive reinforcement

Training your pooch using positive reinforcement is highly crucial to help him have a good understanding of each command. Generally, dog owners use praise or treats as a reward to his their pooch positive reinforcement, since your deaf pooch won’t be able to hear the praises so, you can alternatively reward him by petting him gently on his head.

So, these are some of the effective techniques that you can incorporate while training your deaf dog. Always remember to only use the techniques that your pooch feels comfortable with so, that he can easily learn all the essential commands.

Tips for caring for your deaf dog:

  • When taking your deaf dog outside, always make sure to keep him on a leash as your dog won’t hear traffic sounds and can easily hurt himself.
  • Always make your dog wear a deaf tag
  • Always keep teaching your dog new ways to communicate
  • If your pooch is partial deaf then don’t forget to take him to a veterinarian on a regular basis to check his responsiveness.

Always remember that with love & patience, you can help your dog lead a happy & normal life. It may need some extra care every now and then, but it will totally worth it.

Final thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that with positive training, proper knowledge & lots of love and patience, you can make your life with your deaf dog rewarding. With the right training, you can teach your dog to use his other senses to their maximum.

May 26, 2021|Dog Training

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