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What You Should Know About Dog Muzzles?

Muzzle or a mouthguard is a tool that is placed over the mouth of the dog to keep him from barking or biting.  Sometimes, a dog can become too aggressive, and to limit the damage, it is essential for every dog owner to act responsibly & place a muzzle over his mouth. A muzzle is a great tool to restrict your dog from displaying lousy behavior. Many dog owners associate the muzzle with torture as they think that it is not the right way to treat the behavior of the dog but they tend to overlook the fact that muzzle is as beneficial as a leash is.

There is a big misconception among people that dogs who wear muzzles are highly dangerous but the reality is that not every dog who wears a muzzle is dangerous as muzzle serves a variety of purposes so assuming every dog with muzzle dangerous is wrong.

Dog muzzles are can be used on any dog whether he is trained or untrained, small or large. Managing aggressive tendencies is the primary reason to use dog muzzles. Being a responsible dog owner, it is highly crucial for every dog owner to create a good environment around the dog & always do what works best for his dog. There are a variety of different muzzles available in the market & each serves a particular purpose. Also, a dog temperament also plays a crucial role in deciding whether to use a muzzle or not. Apart from safety reasons, a muzzle can be used in training & grooming purposes. Contrary to popular belief, dog muzzles are absolutely humane. While handling an aggressive, injured or distressed dog, it becomes essential to use a dog muzzle. In many cities, putting a muzzle over the dog’s mouth is required under the law as it helps in keeping the dog under absolute control.

Dog muzzle acts as a barrier between the dog’s mouth & the outside world. It helps in restricting its mouth movements. No matter how well-behaved a dog is, he can become aggressive after reaching a certain level of frustration so in that case, using a dog muzzle is highly recommended.

Let’s consider all the reasons behind using a dog muzzle:

  • The primary reason for using a dog muzzle is to control dog aggression. Controlling an aggressive dog is not quite easy so to avoid getting bitten by the dog, using the dog muzzle is an ideal choice.
  • The next reason for using a dog muzzle is for safely groom a dog. Not all dogs enjoy getting groomed by a complete stranger & they can act a little sassy so dog muzzle is used.
  • Another reason behind using a dog muzzle is to safely perform a medical test. Just like humans, dogs can also become scared about visiting a doctor for a medical examination so to deal with such a situation, a dog muzzle is used by the doctor so that the dog doesn’t snap him.
  • Another reason for using a dog muzzle is to solve any behavioral problem. An untrained dog may have some behavioral problem which can be controlled by using a dog muzzle.

dog with muzzlesTypes of muzzles:

There are a variety of different muzzles available to serve different purposes. Muzzles are beneficial for both dogs and general public. Dog muzzles are available in different shapes & sizes and can be used for grooming, training, and other purposes.

Here’re all the types of muzzles available in the market:

  • Leather muzzle:

Leather muzzles are available in various designs. If you want to allow your dog to eat with a muzzle then choose basket style muzzle which will allow him to eat treats & water.

  • Basket muzzle:

Basket muzzle is best suitable for protection & training. It is the most common muzzle used by dog owners. A dog can wear basket muzzles over an extended period of time.

  • Mesh muzzle:

Mesh muzzles are very commonly used by dog groomers. It works effectively when it is fitted tightly, however, it should be used for a short session of time and should be avoided over an extended period of time.

  • Barkless dog muzzle:

Barkless dog muzzles are great for the dogs who bark too much. It is the best option for preventing the dog from chewing or barking.

Training a dog to accept a muzzle

Proper training plays a crucial role to help your dog happily accept a muzzle. While introducing a muzzle for the first time, a dog can hesitate so by using lots of praises & treats, you need to make sure that the dog associates the muzzle with positive experience. Always, make sure that your dog can clearly sniff with the muzzle on.

Here’re the steps that you need to follow while training him:

First of all, make sure to let him sniff the muzzle then you need to bring the muzzle close to his snout then gently slip it into his mouth.

Now, remove it immediately & shower your dog with praises & treat. Repeat it a few more times & also increase the duration gradually.

Things to remember while using a dog muzzle

  • One of the most important things that every dog owner needs to remember while using a dog muzzle is to keep proper fit of the muzzle. Always make sure to buy muzzle that fit properly on your dog’s mouth. Also, you can also decide whether to allow your dog to eat & drink with muzzle or not. Make sure to keep your dog comfortable while he is wearing a muzzle.
  • Also, another important thing that all the dog owner needs to do is training your dog well so that he can easily operate while wearing a muzzle. Make sure to create a positive association with the muzzle.
  • You can use dog muzzle while training your dog, it will help in teaching him behavioral training. You can resolve many behavioral issues by using a dog muzzle along with training.
  • Always give your dog enough time to get comfortable with a muzzle. Some dogs may need a little more time to get used to a muzzle so you should have enough patience.

Final Thoughts

Associating muzzle with an aggressive or bad dog is not appropriate. Muzzles should be viewed in a positive light as it is a great tool that helps in serving a variety of different purposes like training, grooming, etc.

October 3, 2019|Dog Training

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