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We all know a dog brings optimism and joy in our life but we also need to ensure their state of well being by providing them all the care and nourishment for their better development.
So here we assist you with all the knowledge you need to have regarding the health, training issues you may face if you own a dog.

“Sometimes, a speechless four-legged companion understands you better than an intellectual human.”


Let’s explore your four-legged friend’s life.

Training a Deaf Dog

Most dog owners think twice before bringing a hearing-impaired dog. As they were once thought to be difficult to train, but it is absolutely not true. Deaf dogs can live normal lives & they can easily be trained. Deafness in dogs can be partial or complete. Some dogs are born with genetic defects whereas some… Continue reading Training a Deaf Dog

Reasons for Feeding problem in dogs

Mealtime is the most favorite part of the day for most canine companions, but not always. Just like humans, dogs can have eating issues too. Seeing a dog refusing food can be heart-breaking for any dog owner. Generally, when a dog is not well then, he loses his appetite. One missed meal is not a… Continue reading Reasons for Feeding problem in dogs

Must-have Items for Senior Dogs

With the growing age, dogs need extra care & attention to lead a happy life. Just like humans, dogs also experience age-related conditions in their senior hood, which is why every dog owner should be looking for essential supplies to make his senior dog’s life easier. When you bring home a puppy, his needs &… Continue reading Must-have Items for Senior Dogs

How to Walk Two Dogs Together?

Walking a single dog is a fun activity for every dog owner, but when there are two dogs in a household, then dog walking can feel like a daunting task. Taking two dogs on a walk together can be hazardous if the dogs aren’t well-trained or if you don’t manage them like a pack leader.… Continue reading How to Walk Two Dogs Together?

Top 100 Female Dog Names With Meanings

Getting a new puppy girl home is fun & exciting. Whether you are welcoming a new puppy from the family litter or adopting one from the shelter, choosing a suitable name that matches her personality is crucial. Choosing a dog’s name requires plenty of thought as every dog owner prefers to give a unique name… Continue reading Top 100 Female Dog Names With Meanings

Does Your Personality Affect Your Dog’s Behavior?

Dogs are considered as man’s best friend and no wonder that pet owners share a special connection with their furry companion. Most dog owners say that their dog is their mirror image & they have a lot in common. Well, the similarity between them is because dogs tend to get influenced by their owner’s personality… Continue reading Does Your Personality Affect Your Dog’s Behavior?